…in the community and beyond.

Dr. Susan Levine has practiced for over 30 years in Fairfield County.  Her passion for dentistry, and approach towards patients is unique. She genuinely cares for her patients as well as for her community. Every year she makes a trip to another part of the world to help out those in need. She has volunteered time and her services to Israel, Jamaica, Senegal and Connecticut Missions of Mercy (CTMOM). She feels deeply touched by the opportunity to offer her skills and compassion to the underserved.



I recently befriended a man from Senegal, Maxi Krezy, a 47-year old musician and political activist. Maxi has seen a dentist only four times in his life to receive emergency treatment. He had never had his teeth cleaned. I extended an invitation to the office to receive pro bono care. It took four visits at 2 hours each to properly remove all the tartar from his teeth above and below the gums. He always wanted cleaner teeth and now he has them! He is also missing an upper tooth and we have treatment planned a dental implant to replace it.